Founded in 1906, the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society (CTHS) was incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act as the official registry of Thoroughbred horses in Canada.

The CTHS (Alberta Division) and its membership are a major part of the agriculture community in Alberta – our goal is to ensure a viable future for our members by providing assistance and developing programs to ensure that future.

Our mandate is to promote the purchase of Alberta Thoroughbreds, keep records, organize sales, disseminate information, compile statistics and assist our membership with registration.

What We Do:
• The CTHS serves as a voice for its members in the industry. As key issues and problems of the industry are discussed, the CTHS representatives carry the voice of breeders to those meeting rooms where decisions are made.

• The CTHS co-hosts the Annual Awards Night which brings together breeders from all across Canada.

The CTHS continues to hold sales in Alberta to serve as a means for our membership to increase their cash benefits from breeding.

• The CTHS, through Horse Racing Alberta’s Thoroughbred Breed Improvement Program, distributes funds to various programs.

• The CTHS supports many facets of the Thoroughbred Industry through sponsorship of various organizations including the Horse Racing Hall of Fame, Spruce Meadows Masters, The Owners & Breeders Conference, Alberta colleges and many others. For further information on membership and the CTHS organization, please contact the National office:

CTHS National Office
P.O. Box 172
Ontario M9W 5L1

Tel: 416-675-1370 or 
Fax: 416-675-9525

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