AB Thbd Microchipping Project

AB Thbd Microchipping Project

The C.T.H.S. (Alberta Division) is very pleased to announce that the Minister of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has approved funding under the Growing Forward 2 Traceability Pilot Program in order to support the C.T.H.S. pilot project entitled, “Alberta Thoroughbred Micro-chipping.”

Length of project: August 1st, 2015 - February 28, 2018

The Alberta Thoroughbred Micro-chipping Project is actively involved in investigating an alternative implantation site and developing accompanying software for the management of microchipped horses. Although microchips are not currently a requirement to register a Thoroughbred they will become a requirement of registration for foals of 2017 or later.

The implant site the Alberta Thoroughbred Micro-chipping Project is using the nasal area (above the dorsal aspect of the orbicularis oris muscle and underneath the depressor septi muscle). This is a new location to chip horses and initial trials are showing promise. This location will be safer and easier to manage for both horses and handlers.

For further information regarding the Alberta Thoroughbred Microchipping Project please feel free to contact one of the following individuals:

Heather Matheson-Bird, Project Manager, Cell # 403-554-7542 or heather@ccr01.com

Adrienne Herron, Traceability Systems Specialist/Provincial Equine Specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, 403-755-2047 or Adrienne.herron@gov.ab.ca

Jean Kruse, Manager C.T.H.S. (Alberta Division) 403-229-3609 or JKruse@cthsalta.com

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