CTHS Western Sales Stake Series

2017 CTHS Western Sales Stake Series

2017 Update to the CTHS (BC DIVISION) Sales Stake:

ALL horses (i.e. not only Canadian-breds) that have passed through the 2017, 2018, and 2019 sales, which have all CTHS commissions, nomination and sustaining fees, paid in full are eligible for the CTHS (BC DIVISION) Sales Stakes commencing in 2018. This change will be re-evaluated for the 2020 sale.

Only Canadian-bred horses that are fully eligible for the CTHS (BC DIVISION) Sales Stakes (i.e. have all commissions, nomination and sustaining fees paid in full) will be eligible for the Western Sales Stakes Series (BC, Alberta and Manitoba have a reciprocal agreement that allows Canadian-bred horses sold through their sale to run in each other’s sale stakes).


$660,000 available to all Canadian-bred Western Sale Grads

Any Canadian Bred yearling that passes through the CTHS BC sale, 
the CTHS Alberta sale or CTHS Manitoba sale in 2016 is eligible for the 
restricted Sales Stakes in any of the provinces beginning in 2017. 

Each of these horses will be eligible for $330,000 in Sales Stakes purses based 
on 2017 purse levels (purses for any of restricted Sales Stakes may be adjusted on a yearly basis). 


Two-Year- Old Fillies – August 12, 2017 - $50,000
Two- Year-Old Colts & Geldings – August 12, 2017 - $50,000
Three and Four- Year-Old Fillies - TBA - $50,000
Three and Four-Year- Old Colts & Geldings - TBA - $50,000


Two-Year- Old Fillies – August 21, 2017 - $50,000
Two- Year-Old Colts & Geldings – August 21, 2017 - $50,000
Three and Four Year-Old Fillies – August 25, 2017- $50,000
Three and Four Year- Old Colts & Geldings – August 25, 2017- $50,000


Two-Year- Old Fillies / Two-Year- Old Colts & Geldings – August 19, 2017 - $30,000 

All out-of-province horses will pay the following in all three provinces: 

$750.00 to Nominate $750.00 to Enter $1000.00 to Start

An ‘Out of Province’ horse is defined as being the province in which the horse was sold through the CTHS sale, not the province in which the horse was foaled.

Please contact the office at 403-229-3609 for more information.
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